Latest Shoot: ELV Motors

Hey, all! I got some copies from one of my most recent shoots for a new innovative company called ELV Motors. In the effort to "go green," ELV Motors has come out with a collection of new scooters and electric bicycles. These aren't your ordinary scooters or bikes, either. To charge a scooter, it costs 10 cents. I believe it's about $1 a day to fully charge the scooter but get this: for each full charge, the scooter can run for 400 miles! Unfortunately, because it can only go between 20-30 mph, it is not intended for use on freeways but is great for getting around town and can be used on some highways. The electric bicycles have a built in motor and you can actually throttle the bike in order to get up steep climbs without pedaling. Pretty amazing stuff!

The shoot was on a Sunday and lasted all day. There were four other models in addition to myself and we started in the city of San Jose and then drove about 15 minutes to a town called Los Gatos and shot there for the remainder of the day. Needless to say, I learned how to ride a scooter! I feel very accomplished lol. And I spent most of the time on the electric bike, which was awesome! The shoot went well and we got some excellent pictures, which are going to be used on the company's website and promotional/marketing materials. The website is still being worked on but my photos are already on there, which is pretty sweet. If you want more info about ELV Motors and their products, you can check out:

Here are some of my favorite flicks from the shoot. Enjoy!

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