The Beauty of California Dinner - Miss California USA

The great thing about the pageant is that they allowed us some time to be with our loved ones. The Beauty of California Dinner took place on Saturday night, after our interviews earlier that day. By the time the preliminary and interview portions were over, there was only the finals show on Sunday night so the competition was pretty much over. Our reward was a special dinner and a night of dancing away our stress and all those freaking hours of dancing and walking in heels!

The coolest thing next to having our family and friends there to be with us, was having the current Miss USA Krystle Stewart as our guest of honor! I got to meet her and take pictures...she is so humble, sweet, and genuine. I love how even though she is Miss USA, she still acts as if she's not a big deal. She truly cared about everyone that came to greet her and take pictures with her. Definitely worthy of the crown in my opinion.

After taking pictures with her, I went back to my table with my boyfriend, who was the only one able to make it to the pageant, and got to know the other contestants and their families that were sitting at our table. They served us salad, a huge dish of our choice (I got the chicken with steamed veggies), and then topped it off with a tiramisu dessert...yum!

When the eating was done, it was time for dancing! All the girls got up and did everything from the Electric Slide and the Cha Cha Slide to the Flow Rida Song "Get Low." Some of the contestants' mothers got lower than the girls did! LOL. I didn't get onto the dance floor till near the end because I had spent 6 hours in high heels rehearsing the opening number so my feet were killing me but eventually I did get to slow dance with my sweetie and then danced to the rest of the fast songs.

Our night ended around 10:30pm and then all of the contestants said our goodbyes and headed back to our rooms to get ready for the finals show.

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