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Hey, Dania
So I've got the usual story of "I've always dreamed of being a model" but only recently have I given it some serious thought. I'm 20 years old and am thinking of trying out for ANTM and giving the dream a shot. However I'm worried about two things before pursuing this, I am just shy of 5'7'', the requirement on the application (I'm 5'6'' and some). I also am curvy, and whereas I know my chest won't work against me, I was wondering if my hips would. What's the usual hip size for models? And do you think I should still go ahead and apply, even though I am a little under 5'7'' (Eva was 5'7'' wasn't she?) Do you have any other tips/advice for applying to ANTM? Thanks!

Hello and thanks for your questions. Ah, ANTM...let's see...yes, Eva was 5'7" but even though you are a bit shy of that height, you will be surprised by how much they will discriminate against that difference in height. I doubt they would let you move on to the actual show, however, you never know unless you try. I like to practice what I preach so I will not tell you that you cannot or should not apply. I want you to apply because it is something you want to do and even if it doesn't work out, I want you to have that experience and to at least be able to say at the end that you tried. Just be prepared for them to possibly use your height against you to justify you not being on the show.

As far as hip sizes for fashion/runway models, the ideal measurement is 34", 35" at most. If you are larger than that, it will count against you, especially in the modeling industry. The best chances for you to have curves and hips is if you were a plus size model, and even those types of models have strict requirements to meet when it comes to measurements. So if you're not plus sized but have curves, you may run into some problems if you want to pursue a modeling career in fashion and runway, ANTM or not. This is the strictest field to meet requirements for so know that going in.

I don't have any other tips or advice for applying to ANTM except read all the fine print and understand what information you are providing and how the process works. Applicants for the show have to submit a 3 minute video of themselves showing their personality and doing the runway walk so get to practicing! Then cross your fingers and hope for the best!

PS: You are the ideal height for commercial/print, which is always in demand for models and generally lead longer careers than fashion and runway models so while it isn't as hyped up as fashion and runway on ANTM, don't count it out!

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