Answering a Reader Question #33

Anonymous Wrote:

Heyy, Dania. First of all, I hope you have much success ahead of you! =] Well, I was actually wondering if you could help me out with a question I have. I also have stretch marks all over my butt and I have tried all the products but nothing works. Have the stretch marks ever been a set back to getting agencies, such as Ford, or do they get in the way of obtaining a job?

Thanks so much! =]

Hello, and thanks for the kind words! On the topic of stretch marks, I personally have never experienced a set back with agencies or clients. In terms of modeling in general, stretch marks can be worked around. If you wanted to become a pro swimsuit model then maybe there would be some concern but for booking general swimsuit work it won't be a huge deal.

When looking for modeling work (if you freelance) clients usually will ask for models with clear skin or will specifically ask for models without stretch marks...those are the ones you probably won't be able to book. However, if they make no mention of it then you should definitely apply. It can be a case by case basis.

The new photo I put as my header for my blog had a fair share of stretch marks visible, which is why I turned to my trusty ole Photoshop program lol.

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