My Updated Comp/Zed Card

Hey, all! Just a quick post to share my new comp/zed card with you. I did this one in Photoshop and just decided to have a good one handy now that I'm actively looking for agency representation. It may give you a few ideas on how you may want to do your comp/zed card...of course there are websites that will put the images together for you if you aren't familiar with Photoshop.



***UPDATE: I actually redid the back of my comp card, which can be seen below.***

My decisions for choosing the images I did were pretty simple. I wanted to make sure that I chose four pictures that didn't all look the same and showcased the different types of work I was interested in:

1) Swimwear
2) Jewelry/Beauty
3) Print
4) Commercial Fashion

I made sure to include different angles of my body, including a full body shot, waist up, slight profile, and 3/4. It's important to choose photos that are different from each other but still allow you to be identifiable. In other words, you never want to look completely different in every image you use on your comp card. It's okay to have at least one dramatically different image but overall you want to make sure you are recognizable. Sometimes agencies and clients don't like to see too much of a chameleon in a model's comp/zed card because this can lead to confusion: which look is the one they can expect when you walk through the door? You never want to make them guess.

Because I am mainly a print model, I also went with images that were more natural and didn't have any crazy makeup or fancy hairstyles. When choosing the field of modeling you want to target it is important to include pictures that reflect this.

Since I'm freelancing at the moment, I made sure to list my basic stats as well as my email address and website. I didn't want to put my phone number on there because I don't want that information to be out on display for all to see. Clients and agencies will be fine with an email address and having my website on there is also a direct way to show them my resume of experience without having to ask me to explain it all. Also note that on the front I used my legal name for paperwork/legal purposes. When dealing with clients or agencies, I'll be sure to let them know about my model alias but in general, I've found that it's easier to introduce myself with my legal name first and then tell them my model alias.

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