My ANTM Casting Experice Pt. II

When I found out about the ANTM casting, I visited the CW Network website ( and first read the Eligibility Requirements to make sure that I was indeed eligible to apply. I then printed out the Application and filled it out. Because I planned on attending the open casting call in San Francisco, I did not do a videotape submission. However, if you plan on submitting your application via snail mail then you will need to include a 3-minute videotape (DVD or VHS) of yourself, along with other materials so please read the Eligibility Requirements and the Application to make sure you are following the right steps.

I work up at 6am, got ready, got stuck in traffic due to the horrible storm that hit the city and arrived at my destination around 8am. What I brought with me:

- Application, completely filled out

- Photo ID (driver's license)

- Small bag that had my application carefully tucked away from the rain, a book to read, snacks, and my heels (due to the rain I did not want my feet to get wet or my shoes so I wore sneakers and rolled up my dark jeans so they did not get wet)

- Small purse that contained my wallet, powder, lip gloss, mascara, small notepad and a pen

- A big umbrella!

I parked my car in a nearby parking garage and already expected a long line, which there was. The casting people weren't officially seeing any applicants until 10am and at 8am there was already 100-150 people in front of me. Here's my video coverage of my arrival:

The first shot of the line I show goes around the corner to the left--the Westin Hotel is further up that block:

Luckily the line moved pretty fast and the rain let up a lot so we didn't have to huddle under a community of umbrellas. I made friends with the other gals in line and the crowd/atmosphere overall was positive, energetic and friendly, which is always a plus!

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