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Thanks for this...

I hope people learn, I went through this when I was seven. Got contacted by a smaller agency, but never heard from them afterward. My mom and I have learned definitely.

I have a question, that coincidentally relates to the video in a way. When you send pictures to agencies online, some (for example Ford, Elite and IMG) have a "message box" separate from entering your measurements, height, etc. What do you suggest you type in there to catch their attention? And if you don't mind, could you provide an example.

Any help is great! And thanks again for the video, though my mom probably wishes she would've seen it eight years ago lol.

Hey, and thanks for the question! I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced what I'm sure many others have. I hope that I am able to tune in to the full episode when it airs...I'm sure it will go pretty in depth and really show people what to be on the lookout for and what to avoid.

As for your question, yes, I know exactly the box you're talking about. Most message boxes are optional so you don't have to fill it out but it is totally up to you. I personally don't think it will put anyone at a higher advantage. However, putting the wrong thing can definitely harm your chances of gaining an agency's interest.

There really is no formula to writing something in the message box but you definitely want to keep it short and sweet. Most have a character limit anyway to avoid long, drawn out pleas for model stardom. Ha ha. But I would advise writing a few sentences, introducing yourself and what type of modeling work you are interested in. Depending on your situation, describe what you are looking for. In my case I used to have agency representation but am now freelance and seeking new agency representation. Below is a sample of a similar message I've written in a message box when submitting to agencies online:

Hello, my name is Dania Denise and I am seeking representation through your agency. I parted ways with my agent in December of 2008 and am now freelance until I can secure new representation. I have years of experience in commercial/print modeling and am known for being dependable, punctual, fun, professional, and easy to work with. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

I never mention the name of my previous agency in these message boxes or in general to another agency unless they ask. The industry is filled with competition and while the name-dropping could work in your favor, some agencies may have their own notions/stereotypes of what another agency is like as well as their models. This could result in them unfairly thinking one thing or another about you, making it their reason to not consider you altogether. It may be far fetched but in the past I've had an agency respond to me saying, "I am no fan of [previous agent]. As a word of advice, do not state who you used to be with unless you are asked." Ouch! Ha ha.

Be sure to at least mention your name, that you are seeking representation through their agency, what type of modeling you want to do (or are doing), and whether you have experience or are a new model. Keep it basic, keep it simple, and keep it short and sweet.

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