Answering a Reader Question #44

Anonymous Wrote:

so why is it that fit models can't be tall. I am 5'11" and have never been able to do fit modeling because of my height. Isn't there somewhere that needs tall people to try on clothes?

The thing about this type of fit modeling is that the clothes that are being tried on are for regular consumer sale in stores, and are not tailored for runway models or the runway itself. Fit models are used for the purpose of trying on clothes that will ultimately end up on an actual, average person. The sample sizes tend to be different and more realistic than those of garments used by high fashion designers. While fashion and runway models with your height and measurements tend to try on garments made by high fashion designers, fit models are wearing clothes from companies such as Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic. Needless to say, the two types of clothing are completely different and targeted towards a different audience.

I'm sure there are some clients that may be looking for tall fit models but it would be rare. When trying to figure out what clothes would fit well on the average woman or man, fit models that actually represent those same heights and sizes are needed. I'm sure if you were to look hard enough you may be able to do fit modeling for a company that tailors its clothes to people that are taller but for general fit modeling, you have to accept the fact that such companies are looking for models a tad shorter than you.

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