Answering a Reader Question #46

deep beneath the tides wrote:

Hey, I also tried out for this cycle. I'm a model mentor and started out as a goth/fetish model. Cheers to the little girls ^_~

Anyhow, do you know when they are casting this thing? I haven't heard a thing from the show as of yet, and at least a "no" would even be better than just not knowing.

Keep up all the awesome work! i love your blog.



p.s. Good luck!

Hey, Joy! I definitely wish you luck as well! From what I know, they will be making the callbacks sometime in late April. According to the rules and regs, people will be contacted for either the semi-final or final rounds (it is up to the producers whether they want to have semi-finals and then finals or if they will just cast right away and do a finals round), one week before being required to be on the show and move into the model house. That should put production for the new cycle around early May and should last until June or early July. While it's probably too much to ask, I agree that even getting a rejection notice would be helpful...I mean, you could potentially be asked to block out 2-3 months of your life and to only be given a week's notice that you've made it officially onto the show is definitely going to a tough transition for the lucky gals that make it.

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