Male Models & Height

So I realize that many of my posts are directed at female models because, well, there are so many of them out there! But I do acknowledge and recognize the male models out there, too, and believe me I do my best to try and squeeze in posts that relate to you guys as well. While I will say that much of the information I provide (casting calls, submitting to agencies, etc.) can be applied to male modeling as well, I don't want anyone to get confused or feel they have to sort out exactly what applies to females and what applies to males so I decided to start trying to do more posts for male models or those aspiring to be one.

The height factor is not just an issue with female models but male models as well. Unfortunately, there are even less "exceptions to the rule" when it comes to male models than female models. There are definitely the Kate Mosses of the world but as far as I know (and feel free to comment and educate me!) there aren't any male models out there are are short but still super successful or fall into the supermodel realm.

In general, people think of men as being handsome, ruggard, sexy, and...tall! Height for men is super important, especially for photoshoots. I mean, if you're posing next to a female that is 5'10" without heels and is wearing 4 inch heels and you're next to her, you should be able to stand your ground, height-wise. So what are the requirements for male models?

In general, the majority (not all) of agencies that sign on fashion/runway/editorial male models set a height range of between 5'10"-6'2". The more picky ones set the minimum height at 5'11". And yes, as with female models, there is such a thing as being "too tall." Male models can usually get away with 6'3" but any taller than that, and most agencies will more than likely pass on you. I came across a beautiful male model (I use the term "beautiful" for men when it comes to modeling--just a thing of mine I guess!) via one of the online modeling communities I'm a part of and I felt so bad for him because he had been searching for an agency for a long time and kept getting rejected because he stands at 6'5". Yikes!

For the male models or aspiring male models out there that don't meet the height requirement, I don't have much advice to give you except to give freelance modeling a shot. If you want, you can still submit your information to agencies but just be prepared to be told that you are too short. I'm sure there are plenty of male models out there that are considered too short by agency standards but still mange to have a career doing it freelance or part-time, so that could totally be an option if you are willing to work and network hard enough. But it is important to point out that if you're under 5'9"--actually, under 5'10" to be more realistic--your chances of being a signed agency model will be lowered greatly, meaning that a career in modeling may not be a reality for you. And that's okay. Not being able to be a model is not the end all and be all of life. Take it as a lesson learned and move on to something you are more suited for.

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