Must Watch for my Readers - Modeling Conventions

Hey, readers! I came across this video post in a forum and after watching it, felt I had to share it with you. This is a video report from MSNBC, which takes a quick insider look at modeling conventions...namely, IMTA, which I'm sure many of you model hopefuls have come across in your search for how to make it in the modeling industry. I highly encourage you to watch this video as well as your parents--especially your parents! They state plainly why these conventions are not such a good idea if you want to pursue modeling or acting.

I've stated that modeling does not have to cost you a fortune and is as simple as sending in pictures for free or attending open casting calls for free. I've said this until I've been blue in the face and I think this video report illustrates beautifully what I've been saying all along. Even the head of Elite Model Management is interviewed and he says the same thing I'm saying. I think the next time I get a question asking about modeling conventions, I'm just going to refer them to this video! LOL.

If you still think this alternative route will make you a star, then I don't know what to tell you except that I wish you luck and really do hope that the thousands of dollars paid will result in you being a success story. Check it out:

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