Answering a Reader Question #52

Anonymous Wrote: Did you make your own comp card? I don't have photoshop.

Yes, I did create my own comp card using Photoshop. As an artist I have the advantage of knowing software like Photoshop, which has allowed me to create my own comp cards and update them as needed. If you do not have Photoshop on your computer and/or don't know how to use the program, there are plenty of online comp card printing websites that allow you to send them your images and information, and for a fee they will create it for you as well as print them and mail them. Simply do an online search for: comp card printing, and a bunch of results will pop up. Compare prices and see which one works best for your budget.

I also offer my services for designing comp cards and have designed a few for other models. My rates are super affordable, depending on the design and number of images and when I am done creating your comp card, I would email you the high resolution image, which you can then get printed. I would suggest avoiding places like Kinkos and sticking to online comp card printing services, which are more experienced with this type of printing job. If you are interested in having me put together your comp card, feel free to email me at:

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