Dania Denise's First Magazine Cover (Plus Bonus Motorola Commercial)!

So after working on certain projects and shoots for months, I'm finally getting some results. I found out a few weeks ago that I did indeed get the cover of the first issue of Mocha Bride Magazine (yay)! I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail but I'm definitely going to need to find out where the magazines are being sold since family and friends are going to want their own copies. =)

Here is what it looks like:

And even though this doesn't have to do with modeling, I figured I'd also use this post to share a viral video campaign/commercial I did for Motorola. The actual video itself is pretty long (they made it a part of their company training video) but if you fast forward to about 1:50 on the video, you'll see me on the right hand side (I'm opening a window while talking on my cell phone and then there is a jump cut to a close up of me using the phone). After the actual viral video/commercial the rest is like an introductory piece to the new Motorola phone and how to use it. Pretty neat stuff. I shot that commercial in Sacramento a few months ago. The Motorola representative from Chicago said that he really pushed for me to be in the video and if Motorola likes the viral video they will sign up the same production company (and hopefully the rest of us that appeared in the video) to continue doing more viral videos as well as print work. So I'm crossing my fingers on that one!

Check it out!

I just got the chance to scan my magazine images so here is a college of the tearsheets straight from the magazine. Enjoy!

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