Latest Shoot: Last Looks Makeup Academy

I had the awesome opportunity to be hired as a makeup/beauty model for the Last Looks Makeup Academy. They are a makeup school and the latest hands-on session was held in a hotel in San Francisco. I did this gig a while back but I just received the CD of images so I wanted to blog about it and share. In a nutshell, a handful of the school's students got the chance to work with a handful of models and practice their makeup techniques. In addition to that a professional photographer was on hand with an indoor studio setup to capture each of the models' looks so that the students could have images to begin building their portfolios with (and for the models' use of course).

There were about a 10-12 students and as many models. If the time limit was used wisely each student would have the chance to do a makeup look on at least 3-4 models. Some students managed to achieve their looks easily while others weren't as fortunate. The session started early that morning and due to a terrible conflicting morning meeting I had, I actually arrived about 10 minutes late *gasp!* No joke, I was mortified to say the least. It wasn't my fault though, seriously, but because I don't want to badmouth anyone I won't go into detail about why I was late and who was solely to blame. Luckily, they had just started so I stumbled into the room dang near out of breath because I ran the last block to the hotel, apologized profusely, signed in and got to work with my first student, Kimberly.

Once I sat down in the makeup chair all my stress and frustration melted away--having makeup put on is SO therapeutic, let me tell you! I chatted with Kimberly and we got to know each other, which was nice. I got to know each makeup artist I worked with, actually--lively conversation and makeup go hand in hand in my book! Once my makeup was done I waited in line to have my photo taken by the photographer. Everyone wore name tags and to make sure we were able to keep track of which student worked on which model we took a quick photo together.

Me and Kimberly:

Kimberly's Makeup Look:

Up next was Stacey's look. For some reason I don't have a picture with her on my CD of images, even though I remember taking one with her that day, sorry, Stacey! =(

Stacey's Look:

After Stacey, I worked with Amanda.

Me and Amanda:

Amanda's Look:

My final look for the day was with Brittany.

Me and Brittany (yeah, I know, I'm short but hey, it was a beauty shoot--so I wore flats! And besides, she was naturally tall):

Brittany's Look:

It turned out to be a loooong day...about 8 hours of getting makeup up on, taking it off and getting it put back on again. I made sure to bring my skin care products with me and thankfully my complexion withstood all the products put on it. I didn't even break out or get one pimple! The girls were all so nice and I definitely hope to work with them again in the future.

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