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One of the posts on this blog that gets the most comments is the "Want to Be a Victoria's Secret Model?" post. What amazes me is that almost all of the comments are from people asking what it takes to be a VS model. The whole post is about how to be a VS model so I'm not quite sure why readers are posting comments asking this. I don't know--do they just not read the post and just comment? I'm curious because as far as I know I made the post fairly easy to read and understand.

Another thing I've noticed about some of the comments is that there are questions from aspiring models listing their height and stats and it clearly does not meet the requirements I list in the VS post.

As a writer I guess I'm a little frustrated that I continue to get comments with questions that are clearly answered in the post itself. If you are one of the readers who have left a question asking how to be a VS model, I'll simply tell you to read the post. I even updated the content to include a checklist of what you need to have in order to be seriously considered as one. If you don't meet those requirements then I'm sad to say you cannot be a VS model.

So please, please, PLEASE read the whole post through before asking questions that are already answered in the post. One of the requirements of becoming a model is knowing how to follow directions and if you can't get your answers from the post that is addressing the very topic you're inquiring about, well, I don't know what else I can say.

And because I know even with THIS post I'm still going to get people asking the same questions, here is a part of the post that I wrote that specifically states what it takes to be a VS model:

To make things more clear about the requirements you have to meet in order to put you in the VS category, you must:

- Be between 5'8"-6'0"
- Have a killer body with curves (not waif thin like most runway models but not exactly plus size, either)
- Be signed to a top modeling agency (preferably Ford or Elite in New York) or another top modeling agency

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