Answering a Reader Question #57

Anonymous Wrote: 
I would like to know what a standard exclusive modeling contract with Victoria's Secret looks like. Google is being entirely useless and hopefully this isn't proprietary information.
Hi, Anonymous, and thank you for your question--especially since it isn't about how to become a Victoria's Secret model! Lol. 

Unfortunately, you will not find any type of contract regarding Victoria's Secret online or anywhere except if you end up modeling for them. Exclusive contracts are confidential between the parties involved and publishing such documents is going to get the person responsible in a lot of legal trouble. 

Modeling contracts in general state the following information:

- Duties of the model to the client
- Duties/responsibilities of the client to the model
- Duration of the working relationship
- Exit Clause

In the case of becoming a Victoria's Secret model there will more than likely be a non-compete clause, which states that you as a VS model are not allowed to do work for any other competitor in the industry. So you would not be allowed to model for any other lingerie/undergarment company such as Fredrick's of Hollywood for as long as you are under contract with VS.

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