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I've been with an agency for 2.5 years and my contract is for 3 years. I want out! NOW! they have done nothing for me. I wrote them saying I wanted out ( in a nice way) but wanted to keep it short because I didn't know what to say. If I can get out of my contract I have so many other chances for modeling already. I can't tell the agency that because then they will know they could make money off me. How do I get out? Last time I spoke to them they said "ok you can be released in 6 months" but I can't wait. My whole life is in Europe! my boyfriend and all my friends. HELP HELP HELP. 

Hi, Anonymous...ouch, what a terrible situation to be in! I'm really sorry you have to go through that. Have you gone through your modeling contract to see what you are supposed to do if you want to terminate your contract? In general, sending written correspondence stating that you are terminating your contract early because you are seeking better opportunities should be more than enough to suffice. If they were able to make money off of you they would have been booking you work by now, which it doesn't seem like they've been doing. Try writing another letter to them (not an email and make sure to get the letter certified so that you know they received it), stating that you want to move back to Europe and wish to terminate your contract immediately.

Wait about a week and see if they respond back to you. If they do not contact you in any way then follow it up with a phone call to restate what you wrote in your letter. If you mention that you are moving back to Europe, they will not be able to control your actions related to that. Is your contract non exclusive or exclusive? If it is exlcusive, be sure to read the contract and see what areas they claim to represent you exclusively under. Either way, if you stress hard enough that you no longer wish to be a part of their agency, hopefully they will just let you go with no strings attached. I parted with an agency that just stopped communicating with me. I sent them a mailed letter as well as an email to let them know that I was opting out of my contract then and there. I didn't even hear from them but as far as I am concerned, I followed the instructions so I don't consider myself a part of their agency anymore.

This is a delicate situation to be in so if you need more assistance or need to provide me with further details so that I can better help you, feel free to email me at:

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