Parents of Child Models, Please Read...

I just got a message from a concerned reader on one of the sites I regularly write modeling content for and I was so disturbed by the nature of her message that I felt I needed to do a quick post. This particular person told me that she had a friend whose daughter is 6-years-old and an aspiring child model. Apparently, her mother had professional photos done, which included having her child in a bikini. First off, the word "child" and "bikini" should not be in the same sentence in my opinion. A little girl wearing a cute two-piece around friends and family is one thing but to photograph her is inappropriate to me, simply because of her age. To make matters worse, these bikini pictures are on Myspace and a number of other free social networking sites. I'm assuming they're up in order to increase her daughter's exposure and hopes of snagging an agent. The friend of the mother contacted me to ask what my thoughts were on the subject and if her concern was simply her being overprotective. Additionally, she added that the mother also listed the specific name of the town they live in on the profiles. It is a small town that only has one school, etc.

For all you parents of aspiring child models, I'll tell you like I told her: when it comes to children and the Internet, there is no such thing as being too overprotective. Any images of young girls in bikinis, no matter how cute or darling, are exactly the kind of images that pedophiles look for while online. Such images are not protected, which means anyone can right-click and save it for their own intentions. These kind of pictures should NEVER be posted online. 6-year-old child models--and kids in this age range in general--should always be photographed with clothes on and not showing any excessive skin. One-piece swimsuits are okay but even then, such innocent images are not seen that way by pedophiles. Kiddie porn is rampant and a booming business and believe me, you'd be surprised by how many sites do not have to look far to find what they know their audience wants. It's just wrong.

What's even more scary is that you have NO idea who is clicking and saving the pictures. There's no list that you can check to see what people are downloading. Aspiring child models should stick to modeling images that are very commercial and safe. There really is no need for your child model to be in a swimsuit unless it is something approved by your agent. If you are without agency representation for your child, stick to typical images of them in fun and colorful outfits--leave out the swimwear, boy or girl.

As far as listing the location of the actual city where you live, this is also a no-no. Instead of saying specifically where you are, list your location as the nearest large city. This is common practice in the industry anyway. For example, the town I live in is not that well known for most people outside of California so when it comes to my location, I simply say that I am in the San Francisco area. No harm, no foul.

Parents, be diligent about how you manage your child's modeling career--mainly if you do not have an agent. This is why I stress that parents get their child agency representation as soon as possible. They have the resources and the knowledge needed to know exactly how to market your child in a way that will not make them vulnerable to online sickos.

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I Hate Being the Guinea Pig

I am one of those models that makes it a priority to arrive early for everything: castings, go-sees, auditions, shoots, etc. Oftentimes I'm there before the actual client or they'll be surprised that someone actually did show up early and they won't even be ready. In most cases being the early bird has greatly benefited me but recently this seemingly good habit ended up backfiring on me. Since I want to keep it real with my readers I'm going to share my experience that may not be a big deal to some but for me it still makes me cringe. lol.

I was in Los Angeles for a casting for a beauty editorial shoot. It was an open casting from 10am-2pm, which meant I could attend anytime I wanted. Of course I wanted to be there early since I was not sure how many people would be there and also wanted to make a good first impression.

The details of the casting I received in the email were pretty straight forward: the casting director and photographer would be doing test shoots as well as videotaping each model in order to get an idea of our personality. Simple enough, right? Well, the casting started at 10am but I actually got there at 10:45am. I was the only model at the place so I signed in and waited for about 20 minutes because the casting people weren't even ready. So I patiently waited until they called me. One guy had the camera for the test shoot while the other guy (I'm assuming he was the casting director) had a small camcorder to record the casting. I figured they would do the test shoots and then ask me a couple of questions on camera. Nope. Instead, the casting director had the camcorder on while the photographer was taking my test shots. He asked me to play with my hair, which I did. But apparently it wasn't what he wanted so he clarified by saying that he wanted me to mess up my hair and look all wild and raw. Ooookkkaaay.....totally not what I was expecting but hey, nothing's run of the mill in modeling sometimes, right? Well, needless to say, I was caught off guard so I did my best to mess up my hair...based on my modeling pictures on my blog you all know I don't have THAT much hair to work with lol so it was a bit tricky. I did my best but if I had known I was going to have to demolish my perfectly curled and brushed coif, I would have put in some extensions to have more to work with.

Although my facial expressions and poses were "workin' it" inside my head I was totally panicking and completely felt thrown off my game. It was one of the most awkward castings I'd attended in quite some time. To make matters worse, when I was done and thanked them for their time, I turned around to find about 8 models in the sitting area who had been watching me the entire time. Ugh. It was one of those situations where being first wasn't beneficial for me. For one thing because the casting team didn't seem too sure of what to have the models do for the casting and the whole "mess your hair up and pose" idea seemed like something they just came up with. Second, being first meant that my casting is more than likely going to be the weakest, whereas the next models throughout the day will be better. And third, because the other models were present they were able to prepare ahead of time and I'm pretty sure they did a better job than me. What sucked even more was that on the drive back from Los Angeles, I thought up about half a dozen poses I could have done. Argh!

Eh, you win some, you lose some. I don't think I booked that particular gig but I have learned a lesson: it's best to be early when you've actually booked the shoot but if it's an open casting call where I don't have an appointment time, I'm totally going to go in later and cheat off of the competition. LOL. Ah, this crazy industry!

Answering a Reader Question #63

Breanna Wrote: 

I always have alot of people tell me i should be a model because i look exotic im vietnamese n black bt i have no experience or anything like that and i see alot of magazines were you can submit photos but i always feel like it's for already established models is that true? i would like to submit for the beauty of the week but am not so sure if i should.

Hey, Breanna, thanks for the question! You do not have to be an established model in order to be chosen as a JET "Beauty of the Week." Many of the young ladies that submit their photos are not experienced or "pro" models, while others are. Experience in the modeling industry is not a requirement in order to send in your photos. All you need is a great picture and you'll be good to go!

A good majority of the magazines that allow models to submit their images do not require you to be a professional model. However, they will want professional quality pictures. So all you need to do is do a test shoot with a pro photographer in your area and that's it! Good luck!

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Latest Tearsheets: Bertliz Shoot

I did the corporate themed photoshoot for the company Bertliz a while back but the finished products are finally coming out and the photographer was able to give me some digital tearsheets...yay! Berlitz is a language arts company that provides content and information to help people learn to speak different languages. They have language arts products available all over the world and this particular shoot was created to help people in other countries learn how to effectively communicate in the business world using common English vocabulary.

The shoot itself was really fun and laid back. We shot in an actual office building in San Francisco and there was a handful of us playing the part of a company conducting a business meeting. The photographer and the models were a lot of fun to work with and we joked around a lot. One scene involved me typing on my laptop while my "coworkers" were looking at my screen. In order to get some genuine expressions I would type the most ridiculous things in Word. I think I even saved that document to remind myself of the experience. There was another scene where we had some graphic charts taped to a whiteboard and I was the executive director talking about our sales quotas for the quarter. Sounds pretty boring, huh? Well, to liven it up, we came up with the concept of the "Man Muumuu" and jokingly discussed who would be the male face of our product. We decided on Brad Pitt...we got so into the scene that the photographer would barely hold her camera because she was laughing so much! Good times on set for sure.

So without further adieu, here are some of the shots I'm in. These are digital tearsheets but the photographer is working on getting the actual, physical tearsheets, which appear in a textbook that is one of the latest products being distributed worldwide by Bertliz (again, I'm no fashion model so sorry if these images don't involve any haute couture or editorial pizazz haha):

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