Answering a Reader Question #63

Breanna Wrote: 

I always have alot of people tell me i should be a model because i look exotic im vietnamese n black bt i have no experience or anything like that and i see alot of magazines were you can submit photos but i always feel like it's for already established models is that true? i would like to submit for the beauty of the week but am not so sure if i should.

Hey, Breanna, thanks for the question! You do not have to be an established model in order to be chosen as a JET "Beauty of the Week." Many of the young ladies that submit their photos are not experienced or "pro" models, while others are. Experience in the modeling industry is not a requirement in order to send in your photos. All you need is a great picture and you'll be good to go!

A good majority of the magazines that allow models to submit their images do not require you to be a professional model. However, they will want professional quality pictures. So all you need to do is do a test shoot with a pro photographer in your area and that's it! Good luck!

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