I'm Not a Fashion Model

Sometimes I get certain comments on some of my blog posts from people that compare me to a fashion model or criticize the caliber of my images because they are not "high fashion." I'm not sure if these are readers that have only looked at one or two of my posts and felt that was all they needed to get the gist of what I am about but I want to address this misconception mainly for those that hold me up to some standard when it comes to fashion modeling.

If you have been a long-time reader of my blog then you already know what I am about and what type of modeling I do. If you are a first-time reader or happen to come across certain blog posts I've done in the past, you may not be aware right away of the fact that I am NOT a fashion or runway model. I am a commercial/print model. At 5'5" I'm not gracing runways or doing editorials. I know some of you must be thinking that addressing this issue isn't that serious but when the comments carry a tone of negative criticism or appear to be condescending, then I feel that it is important to set the record straight so that those particular readers will understand where I am coming from.

The nature of my photos and the status of my career reflects that of a print model. As such, it does not make sense for me to do shoots that are high fashion or editorial because that is not the type of work I submit myself for, nor do I meet the requirements for. One reader commented that I only got jobs because of "the pretty face and skinny body." Ummm...that IS the reason that print models get hired. The "cute, adorable and pretty" expressions I use won't be found in fashion magazines because I am not a fashion model and do expressions that typically come with print modeling. I am supposed to be the cute/attractive, expressive girl-next-door, so to criticize me for my lack of "fashion modeling skills" is not fair or accurate.

I love all comments I receive on my blog posts, both good and bad but at least humor me by reading more than one or two posts before stating your opinion on my skills and why you do not think they are up to par. It will make your comments more articulate and less contradictory. It's really easy to tell when someone "thinks" they know what they are talking about when it comes to the modeling industry.

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