Quick Update on Me

Hello, my beloved Modeling 101 readers! I wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten you--things have been SO busy for me lately that I have not had the time to sit down and write a thoughtful, educational and informative post--and I don't believe in doing things half-heartedly.

Here's a quick update as to what I'm up to these days that's keeping me on my toes:

* Remember my post titled "I Hate Being the Guinea Pig," where I talked about the beauty editorial gig in LA that I pretty much bombed? Well, I ended up getting a callback! Crazy, huh? So I went to LA and made the cut. Now it's the waiting game because they'll be using 12 models per month for the shoots. They also expanded the project to include not only an ad in 944 Magazine but also televised shows and other related media projects. Pretty neat.

* Finished an acting gig that I've been working on since last year. It's a 5 episode series called "True Love." It's for a language arts site that uses short films and webisodes to teach students the English language. I played a high schooler named Natalie who simply wants to find true love. It should be online in a couple of months.

* I got hired for bridal season and have been doing bridal fashion shows around Northern California. I get to model two gorgeous wedding gowns, one party dress, which is actually a ballgown and two bridesmaid dresses. I did my first show last month and I have two shows this month and two in April.

* Been running around to castings all over San Francisco. Last week I had to attend a go-see for a Corona print ad, a Nokia print ad and an audition for a dance video game. Hectic!

* I've got an online catalog shoot tomorrow for a company that sells jewelry and handbags.

* Aside from the modeling and acting, I started teaching middle school students how to draw Manga/Anime style art so I've been bogged down with creating lesson plans, getting supplies, etc. Also, I just finished painting a mural in someone's house and have to go back to add some extra stuff.

Rest assured, I plan on jumping back on here soon to add more posts. I've got some really great topics for you and I can't wait to write them! Stay tuned...

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