Can't Be a Model? Check Out Modeling Related Jobs

Not everyone can become a model--that much I'm sure you all know by now. Even though it may seem like the world has fallen apart if you have discovered this truth for yourself, there are still ways you can be involved in the industry. Oftentimes those that want to do modeling also have similar interests that relate to modeling like fashion, photography, etc. If modeling is not in the stars for you, check out these related career fields that will give you an opportunity to see how the industry works and be a main player in it--even if it's not in front of the camera or on a catwalk.

Booking Agent: Can't get signed to a modeling agency? Why not work for one! Bookers are the people responsible for organizing the go-sees, castings and shoots for the agency's models. Most bookers are assigned to work with specific models and you'll act as their go-to person. You'll be dealing directly with clients, casting directors, photographers, etc. and submitting the right people for the assignment. You can look into internship opportunities or if you meet the requirements for employment, you can get hired, get paid and be around the action on a daily basis.

Wardrobe Stylist: These are the folks in charge of shopping for the right outfits and accessories for shoots and basically play a role in dressing the models. This job is particularly ideal for people that love to shop and have a good eye for the latest fashion trends. You'll not only get paid to shop, you'll be able to work on set of photoshoots with models, photographers and the rest of the crew.

Dresser: Do you love fashion shows? Have you always wanted to be a part of the action? If you can't be on the catwalk, you can volunteer to be a dresser. As the name implies, dressers help the models backstage change in and out of their clothes. Of course if you're shy about nudity, then this isn't the right job for you. This job is usually described as "grunt" work and may not always be a paid job but it's a fun way to see what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion show. If you work well under pressure and can keep your cool even in the most hectic of situations, being a dresser may be something fun to try out.

Photographer: Some model hopefuls also have a knack for photography. Either as a hobby or a career, if you can't be in front of a camera you can always develop your skills behind it. Whether you are interested in doing fashion, glamour, lifestyle or commercial photography, you can use your creativity to the fullest.

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Part of the fun of modeling is getting dolled up in hair and makeup. If you've always loved putting makeup on others and/or have a talent for creating amazing hairstyles, then you should definitely look into either or both of these jobs, which can be done part time, full time or just for fun. Shoots and other modeling assignments are constantly in need of hair stylists and makeup artists. You'll have a chance to work with models and play a part in the final images that could appear in a number of places such as magazines, catalogs, brochures and websites.

Fashion Designer: Not only will this job opportunity give you the chance to work with models and photographers, you'll get to create clothes that could end up being the next big trend in the fashion industry. With the right connections and designs your creations can be showcased at the biggest fashion shows, sold in stores or displayed in catalogs.

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