Different Types of Promotional Modeling

There are a variety of sub-categories in the modeling industry, including promotional modeling. While not known as the most interesting or credible part of the modeling world, this has not stopped many men and women from seeking work in this field. If you enjoy meeting new people, are great at selling a product or idea and want to experience something different, then you should give promotional modeling a shot. For general information about this type of modeling, check out my blog post on the subject:

Promotional/Tradeshow Modeling

There are even sub-categories in promotional modeling, such as regular promo modeling, retail modeling and brand ambassador/spokesmodeling.

Regular promotional modeling involves handing out promotional/marketing materials and free samples to customers as well as educating people about the company you are representing. This usually takes place at tradeshows, conventions and other related venues. For that event you are the face of the company and are responsible for drawing interested customers to the booth or stand.

Retail modeling is very similar to promo modeling but takes place in actual retail stores. For example, you might get a retail modeling gig passing out makeup samples to women in the cosmetics section of Macy's or handing out samples of hair conditioner products at Wal-Mart. Or you could even participate in playing video games for a new title coming out at a local game store. The possibilities are endless for retail modeling.

Brand ambassadors can be thought of as "managers" that oversee as well as participate in a promotional event. As the name implies, brand ambassadors represent a particular brand/company and must be very knowledgeable in that brand's identity, services and products. You'll commonly see this term used in relation to models promoting alcohol. Most brand ambassadors are 21 years of age or older due to the nature of the products they are promoting. Promo models in this position typically get paid well and are hired for future events for the brand they are representing.

Spokesmodels are chosen to represent a certain image that customers associate with a particular company or product. They are typically asked to appear at a certain company's events throughout the year. So instead of just working one or two events, they may sign you on to make special appearances, which could also result in higher pay. By seeing a regular face, customers will come to establish the connection between your appearance and the presence of the company. Being a spokesmodel is a great position that could lead to future opportunities including being a part of the company's ad campaigns.

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