'If I could find a real-life place that'd make me feel like Tiffany's'

I'm quite precise when it comes to jewellery. I don't have many pieces, but the bits i do have mean something to me. I have one particular friend who has hundreds of bits and pieces tucked away, gems here there and every where. There's never a day, i don't see her without a vintage inspired cocktail ring or a lovely gold charmed necklace. I admire each piece she wears, wishing i had the time to compliment each outfit with a pretty charmed necklace or cute studs. The few pieces i do have though, i wear constantly, although they may be pricey i have received them as a gift, in which makes the piece so much more enjoyable to wear! Here are few pieces that i love..

Return to Tiffanys Pendant Necklace - Tiffany

This was a gift from my parents around three years ago, it's quite small but thats what i love about it. It's not in your face, not too chunky or tacky - just right.

Silver Studs - Tiffany

I have not removed these cute studs since christmas, i live in studs. These silver balled studs were bought for me from my boy, they are uber shiny and quite large in size.

Silver Balled Bracelet - Tiffany

For my 18th birthday, i received a Tiffany voucher from my closet friends. This was an amazinnnng present, and after thinking long and hard i chose this bracelet (they match the earrings above). I cannot describe how shiny the silver is! It compliments anything i wear. Its completely understated, i think i love it more because it doesn't scream Tiffany. The sales assistant removed a few 'balls' ;) so that the bracelet is the perfect size. I adore this!

Pearl Silver Ring - Monsoon

This is one of my favourite rings ever. I love pearls and this ring is an entirely different way to wear them! This ring was a complete bargain, around the £10 mark, the silver has stayed in perfect condition. I love wearing this ring, my boy bought me the matching necklace but it's not as special as the ring!

Blue Topaz Ring set with Amethyst Shoulders - SWAG

This is an eye catcher! I wear this ring every single day, and it catches people eye all the time. I love that its a cocktail ring, with such a real sparkler Topaz! My style is quite classic but this ring breaks the rules, its large and sparkling in your face. You love it or hate it. My parents bought me this last year with some inheritance money, i will for ever love this and i will always, always treasure it.

i love collecting and building up my jewellery collection.

Hello, I Love You

So i just finished my last university report for the year, my 2nd year. God Lord, i'll be over and done with before i can splutter out the word dissertation.

Can i just say that i never ever ever ever win anything, you know everyone says that but they secretly do. Well i've never won anything special. So imagine my delight when i won Vex in the City's competition to win tickets Sex and The City advance screening on Friday. Then imagine my face when i realised i had already pre-booked tickets to go see it on Friday at the same time anyway. epic fail.
But thank you Vex in The City for chance.

But sod that! Well excited to see SATC tomorrow, last year i went to see the film advance preview in Leceister Square. This weird middle aged woman started snotting (yes snotting) in the row behind us, it was just gross to be honest, now i cry at everything but come on love! Then me and bffs went to the Dorchester hotel for some after drink Martinis and Cosmos, the most expensive drink i've ever bought, but totally worth it ;)

So i have a busy weekend lined up, tomorrow i'm seeing the SATC film in Kensington, then a spot of retail therapy in the new Knightsbridge Topshop and then an ice cream sundae in Harrods - YUM! Then a quick train to New Cross to see my lovely Sarah's theatre performance. Then Saturday i'm shopping with the boy - then in the evening driving to Watford for my gorgeous friend's 21st, with even more cocktails! She hired cocktail men, yes, cocktail men! I spy a very tipsy weekend.

Click images to enlarge.

outfit for 21st birthday

Dress - Kate Moss for Topshop (£70.00)
Studded Clutch - ASOS (£20.00)
YSL rip off Tributes - River Island (£49.99)

my outfit for tomorrow

satin silk blazer - H&M (£39.99)
tee- shirt - Marks & Sparks (£6.00)
check shorts - Topshop (last season)
heels - River Island (£49.99)
bag - Mulberry Bayswater

Have you planned to see SATC? Which character are you?
I have Charlotte's morals with Samantha's brutal bluntness.

say what!

A few weeks ago i was emailed by a lovely lady called Emma, she works for a magazine produced for Graduate Fashion Week. Basically, GFW is young graduated designers one hot shot at being discovered and being fast-tracked to work at a fashion house. Between the 6-10th of June, the hottest young designers will showcase their best collections to critics and a number of head hunters scouting their next protege. With the likes of Stella Macartney and Julian MacDonald being 'found' here, with Giles Decon and Matthew Williamson dishing out awards, GFW is a important date for the fashion industry.

So, back to my exciting news. As part of GFW, there is an educational day set aside for budding fashion students interested in studying fashion at higher education. Emma's magazine Fashionista is a glossy giveaway for the students, giving them all the insider fashion tips and tricks they need to know about the industry - and i was asked to write a piece for the magazine! This is just a little bit -well MASSIVE- excitement for me! I have never had any work published before in print, this was an amazing opportunity presented to me so naturally i snapped it up! I wrote my article on blogging, and how this can really further your career in the fashion industry. Exciting!
Fashionista goes to print tomorrow, the the magazine can be viewed online too, so i'll definitely post a link so you can have a good read!

Another few girlies have also had their work printed- checking out their blogs is a must!:

- Sarah, my actual bff, at My Sentimental Heart
- Emma, a good blogging friend of mine, at Jersey and The Monkey
- Annabella, the very pretty lady, at A Girl Should Be Two Things, Classy and Fabulous.

champers on me! ;)

Lav Lav Lav, i want your Lavvve.

for my fellow gleeks!

a long awaited introduction to me ♥

I love compiling lists, this list sums up everything you need to know about me.

- I sneeze like there's no tomorrow. They aren't lady like or dainty, they are hench full blown, scare the shit out of you sneezes. My friends and family have got used to the constant sneezing, but its hell if i'm in an exam or on public transport (nightmare when swine flu was announced).

- I adore 80's music. Duran Duran, Queen, T-Rex, you name it.

- I have been with my boy for nearly 7 years since, i am twenty years of age. We just never got around to splitting up.
(i joke)

- I was nominated for Head Girl at school, haven't got a clue why.

- Before i wanted to study publishing, i had originally planned to study acting - but i knew my heart wasn't in it.

- Im blunt and brutal, but i'll tell you the truth.

- My lucky number is 22, my boys birthday.

- I have never/will smoke, but i enjoy a good pint. Classy lady.

- I spend half my life on public transport, but i don't think thats a bad thing.

- I cannot cook or drive, i don't plan on changing this anytime soon.

- I'm disgustingly organised, painfully.

- I interrupt everyone, i just have too much to say.

- I have the best telephone voice ever.

- I'm blind as a bat.

- You will probably tell me all your secrets - but i like listening and giving advice.

- I smile at everyone, from passers by to people i know.

- One of favourite things to do is read, especially grisly, blood thirsty thriller novel. My back up plan in life, is becoming a CID.

- I detestes chocolate cake, chocolate ice-cream and brownies, weird i know.

- I eat out too much.

- Manners are priceless, use them.

Kerastace Speedy Review

Over the past six to eight months i have been growing my hair, it has been a long process but to be frank, i'm bloody surprised it ever got this long! I've mostly only ever had a middle length bob, aka middle ground. My hair is annoying. Well we all want what we can't have, but my hair is quite fine. Now that summers here i cannot be arsed to keep wacking in the mousse and blow-drying, there's nothing worse than crispy moussed hair, yet on the other hand i hate the thought of 'straggly' thin rat tail hair.

What's more, my hair will never make contact with GHDS. I've only got to look at them and my hair starts splitting, i cringe when ever my hair dresser uses them, defeats the point of a trim if she's going to wack the heat straight back on! Although, i do use my own straighteners (trusty Remmingtons), but i do have to keep going back to the hair dressers every 6 to 7 weeks for a trim. And although, my hair dresser is absolutely lovely, she keeps getting bloody promoted and her prices go up each time.

Let me introduce to you to Kerastace Nectar Thermique.

This leave in conditioner repairs and nourishes styled hair, also providing heat protection.

They say:


Kérastase Nectar Thermique nourishes dry hair and protects it from thermal damage, meaning you can style you hair using heat. The Thermo-care treatment penetrates the fibre of your hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

I have previously used leave in conditioners, although i wouldn't say they made my hair greasy or heavy, they just didn't do any good either. I used a L'Oreal which i thought was fine, i also recently purchased a Tommy Guns leave in conditioner but however much i wanted to like, it just stank. Yeah it stank. Of Smirnoff Ice alcho pops, no lie. Gross.

However, after pondering on my split-ends for too long i purchased the Kerastase - which i can NEVER pronounce by the way. Well to tell you the truth, i was instantly amazed. I wash and condition my hair every night (to keep the grease at bay), then after combing through, i 'moisturise' through a pea size amount through the ends of my hair. It smells lush and refreshing, it has a weird consistency of a thick (but not too heavy) moisturiser, like it's really working into my ends. When i wake up, i have glossy, smooth hair that feels and looks healthy. It doesn't feel like my ends are stuck together, or crispy. I actually started using this halfway between hairdressers appointments, with split-ends. And usually when i straighten my hair, the split end are quite visible, even though they aren't that bad! This dramatically improves the appearance of them and when i visited the hairdresser today, she noted that my hair had hardly any split-ends! This is an all round great product, also acting as a heat protector too, which saves time and dollar dollar! I know that this won't combat all split-ends, but hey its bloody good for me!

I've trailed this product for a month to see the results, i find it quite hard to shell out on hair products which now i instantly regret, i could have saved a fortune by buying more expensive products and not needing to visit the hair dressers so often. I can also tell i'm loving this product, as i've religiously applied it every night with out being lazy.

Can i just say what a lovely weekend?
Heres me with my gorgeous Marc Jacobs sunnies, i had to show 'em off, they only get about a weeks worth of sunshine in England!

On a final, final note:
How often do you go to the hairdressers?
i religiously book my appointment, where as some of my friends just leave it until they want to go? If your wondering, i go to a RUSH salon in East Croydon, my hairdresser is a doll, she knows exactly what i want, no bullshit, just what i want! I also bought the leave in-conditioner from RUSH website, for the cheaper price of £11.50 (rather than £17.50!) here.

The Times Fashion DEPT.

Here's a little post about my time spent interning at The Times, although it did happen a fair few weeks ago - i have literally only just had a free afternoon today. So if you weren't aware already, i managed to secure a weeks placement at The Times Fashion Department - and although this was a one hell of an opportunity, i was scared silly the night before. You just don't have any idea what the office will be like, are they Devil Wears Prada or just laid back office Kelly Cultrone style (aka The City)? If so, will they be dressed to the nines, in this seasons clothes, should i wear my Sunday best or keep it cool? Will they send me out for Starbuck's soy latte with a touch of cinnamon and a dash of espresso, or will they be a really down to earth and friendly, and actually remember my name?

Truth was, the four ladies at the Times were lovely - in-fact they were the friendliest people i've ever worked for. In the office, its pretty small with section signed off for the fashion department. Behind their desks, there is the biggest bookshelf i have ever seen filled with the latest season lookbooks, from Topshop to Lavin. Then the fashion department leads off the Closet. The Closet. I want to live in it. It's filled with all kinds of wonders and treasures. I was situated in the Closet (i will give it a capital C because i think it deserves it) with my own little desk and telephone, surrounded by a sea of shoes, make up and clothes. Throughout the day there were various deliveries to the office, which most of the time were the latest skincare and make-up, swoon.

A few parcels - i never had the guts to look in that Chanel bag.

My little desk.

The Closet - here were handpicked items ready to be taken away for a shoot in India the following week.

So this is my outfit of the day for Monday. And that's how long the Outfit photos of the day lasted.

A gorgeous pair of D&G Coral heels i a had to return.

So these sneaky little photos were taken on my iphone on my lunch break.

What did i get up to?

The job of an intern varies from magazine to magazine and also depending on how long you stay with that company. At Hair i was given more variety of jobs than at the Times, but still i was only there a week, and to teach a new intern new tricks every week is long process for them. I've found that interning is a complicated thing, if you are shy this is no place for you. Intuitive and confidence will help you succeed, thinking on your feet but with your head will score you brownie points.

One particular day, all the ladies were off out of the office at a shoot. I had been slowly working my way through a rail of returns; the PR companies send in various items to be used on shoot or sample, then they have to be sent back. This may seem easy, but with large eight to ten parcels a day being delivered a day, all the invoices have to kept and filed away. These documents are highly important as they detail what exactly has been sent in and by who, as i may be returning a pair of Prada heels to Selfridges rather than Prada's Head Office. Whether these invoices are filed away properly is another matter, very long process.

So any way, whilst packing way a range of Paul Smith suits used for a Freddie Flintoff shoot the previous week, a woman called from a PR agency demanding a very expensive necklace back. Crunch time, i had no idea what she was talking about and she sounded angry, angry at me, on my first day. After searching for it myself and a lot of phone calls back and forth, i finally sorted it by myself. Phew. I spent most of my time returning items, doesn't sound that interesting, but i actually enjoy organising and feeling like im actively achieving something. My skills learnt in retail helped majorly, i can fold men's shirts and trousers like a pro!

Another key moment from the week, was a pair of expensive leggings that had be sent back from a PR company, who demanded that they be dry-cleaned or paid for. After i and the other ladies, all peered around it was clear to see why. Some one had heavily spoiled (ew!) the leggings, very expensive pair of leggings. The confusing point was that the leggings hadn't been used on a shoot for a model to ruin and the only four women in the office wouldn't of touched them, so who spoiled them? My guess answer: a cheeky lady at the PR company who had secretly worn them, spoiled them and shifted the blame on the Times. Shame they weren't Prada leggings..

This week was definitely challenging, trying to work out how to send a courier across London for three belts needed a shoot was hard enough, but it was worth it. This was a great opportunity, and i learnt allot about the process of fashion in a very sophisticated fashion department.

Thank you to the little lady who helped me when i got lost, you actually saved my life. Oh, and never go to Tower Hill, theres nothing there. Zilch. I hope this proved a not too boring post ;)

Are we simply romantically challenged, or are we sluts?

(click for bigger picture)


key necklace - Topshop £6.00 / dress - Kate Moss for Topshop £70.00 / studded pink clutch - ASOS £19.00 / tan heels - River Island £49.99 / messy curly pinned back bun with centre parting / flirty lashes / olive tan / coral lipstick

I have a 21st birthday party in two weeks and i have absofuckinglutly nothing to wear. After hours of endless online shopping (distraction from a boring Advertising report) i finally decided on this outfit. Personally, i know i cannot afford all of it - but this is the idea i'm going for. Im most certainly going to purchase the dress, but i will hopefully have a good shop around first for shoes mainly. I just cannot spend money on shoes, sure i can buy a five hundred pound handbag, but a fifty quid pair of shoes? hmm, tough call. But handbags are my 'vice' and i struggle to walk in heels as it is, trust me it's painful to watch! Although, i do think i would most definitely wear each item rather alot over the summer, so maybe. Watch this space.

This outfit would also be the perfect ensemble for a wedding reception i'm gatecrashing in July - well technically not gatecrashing, but you know that does sound more exciting! I'm the GBF (gay best friend's) date - think Charlotte and Anthony from SATC. I love weddings, i really do. I cannot wait, i'm super excited. What's more fun than dressing up, eating lots of party food and drinking as much champers, whilst badly dancing to 80's music?

Are you going to any weddings this year? I'll be your date ;)

Kate Moss SS10 preview

Its all in the title, Kate Moss' Spring Summer 2010 Collection Preview.

First things first:

- i'm quite 'closed' mind when it comes to style, i have my own set likes/dislikes and Kate Moss is noway near a style icon to me.

- i think most of the range is over priced, however there are one or two pieces i have liked from each collection - that i have certainly regretted not buying.

- if your ummming and arrhhhing over a piece in the collection, biding its not a sell out showstopper, chances are if you wait till the end of season sale it will be reduced, trust me.

i need this in my life now. i have never wanted a Kate Moss item so much until i saw this. its nude, it has long arms, its floral, it makes my bust look bigger, its a tea dress!

great cut and material, although i can probably find just as better (and cheaper) in Zara. very Kate Moss though.
i don't ever wear jeans, so these are a no for me. however, i can appreciate a good pair of jeans and although the flare is kind of retro 70's, i think they look a tad crap quality material wise.
i think this top is cute basic for summer, i would have to see the price before i could comment further.
bit weird for me, looks a bit batwingish/ghost cape for my liking.

bit too much WAG at the South African World Cup for me.

cute floral tea dress, nothing special.

no comment. snigger.
i kind of like this, golden tan + sandals + long wavy curls = yes please.

i don't understand where this dress is going tbh.

Those are my blunt-ish, honest first thoughts. Dare you to disagree?


The last two weeks have been some what crazy, after my stint interning at The Times (eee!) i have been non-stop busy with my studies. Luckily, my course is exam free - thank the lord - but as part of an end of year project we have been busy creating a magazine in small teams.

This is extremely exciting, but a long process i tell you. Not only does the actual magazine have to be created, but also all the planning and business aspects. I never ever want to create another finance budget.. Although, all the hard work and stress is slowly paying off. My group have created a sample magazine called The London Mix, which we would propose to hand out across London for free (like Stylist and Shortlist) which is for both women and men. This is the exciting twist, one side of the magazine would be for women, then flip the magazine over and its a magazine for men! The magazine is aimed at people living in the city, a guide to all the hidden gems of London; as well as general lifestyle content such as fashion, news and features.

Over the past couple of weeks, i have been busy writing away articles for the men's editorial from fashion and grooming to travel and entertainment - quite fun actually, lots of practice writing. As soon as the magazine is printed, i will most definitely post a few scans so you can have a peak! Its a shame really that we can't produce it on a larger scale.

As well as that, i have a good few reports to catch up on and start typing away. So, although it may seem i have drifted off, no fear, i'll be back as soon as i can ;)