a long awaited introduction to me ♥

I love compiling lists, this list sums up everything you need to know about me.

- I sneeze like there's no tomorrow. They aren't lady like or dainty, they are hench full blown, scare the shit out of you sneezes. My friends and family have got used to the constant sneezing, but its hell if i'm in an exam or on public transport (nightmare when swine flu was announced).

- I adore 80's music. Duran Duran, Queen, T-Rex, you name it.

- I have been with my boy for nearly 7 years since, i am twenty years of age. We just never got around to splitting up.
(i joke)

- I was nominated for Head Girl at school, haven't got a clue why.

- Before i wanted to study publishing, i had originally planned to study acting - but i knew my heart wasn't in it.

- Im blunt and brutal, but i'll tell you the truth.

- My lucky number is 22, my boys birthday.

- I have never/will smoke, but i enjoy a good pint. Classy lady.

- I spend half my life on public transport, but i don't think thats a bad thing.

- I cannot cook or drive, i don't plan on changing this anytime soon.

- I'm disgustingly organised, painfully.

- I interrupt everyone, i just have too much to say.

- I have the best telephone voice ever.

- I'm blind as a bat.

- You will probably tell me all your secrets - but i like listening and giving advice.

- I smile at everyone, from passers by to people i know.

- One of favourite things to do is read, especially grisly, blood thirsty thriller novel. My back up plan in life, is becoming a CID.

- I detestes chocolate cake, chocolate ice-cream and brownies, weird i know.

- I eat out too much.

- Manners are priceless, use them.

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