The last two weeks have been some what crazy, after my stint interning at The Times (eee!) i have been non-stop busy with my studies. Luckily, my course is exam free - thank the lord - but as part of an end of year project we have been busy creating a magazine in small teams.

This is extremely exciting, but a long process i tell you. Not only does the actual magazine have to be created, but also all the planning and business aspects. I never ever want to create another finance budget.. Although, all the hard work and stress is slowly paying off. My group have created a sample magazine called The London Mix, which we would propose to hand out across London for free (like Stylist and Shortlist) which is for both women and men. This is the exciting twist, one side of the magazine would be for women, then flip the magazine over and its a magazine for men! The magazine is aimed at people living in the city, a guide to all the hidden gems of London; as well as general lifestyle content such as fashion, news and features.

Over the past couple of weeks, i have been busy writing away articles for the men's editorial from fashion and grooming to travel and entertainment - quite fun actually, lots of practice writing. As soon as the magazine is printed, i will most definitely post a few scans so you can have a peak! Its a shame really that we can't produce it on a larger scale.

As well as that, i have a good few reports to catch up on and start typing away. So, although it may seem i have drifted off, no fear, i'll be back as soon as i can ;)

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