plait me pretty.

Plaits are everywhere this summer according to the fashion pages, yet although i've been admiring from afar i've never really bothered to attempt a pretty plait. Call me lazy, but when it comes to hair styles, i'm style and go, out the door. But on that rare occurrence i do like to try out new styles - for the past three months i have been donning the LC centre parting, pull fringe back. But it's time for a change - i need to get out of this hair style rut!


Sienna Miller looking the grecian goddess with blonde locks pulled into a heidi ensemble with glowing, bronzed skin and minimal make up - my kind of look!

Vamped up Rachel McAdams shows a more classy updo with quiff and side plait.
Laid back luxe in LC's case, with a messy bun and side plaits

Emma Watson, simple but red carpet chic.

Of course, no style list would be complete without Diane Kruger, she could wear a binbag and would still look bloody amazing!

Here are a few (awful) attempts at plaits:

The Heid/ Sienna

Splitting your hair on a middle parting, plaiting one side.

Then taking the plait to the crown, then securing with a bobby pin.

Then the same with the other side.

I feel a little silly, not going to lie, but bringing wispy bits round the front and messing it up slightly gives it beach look, perfect for the summer.

The LC braid

Simply taking a small section of hair, braiding it and pinning it at the back, so simple again but so pretty!

The Messy Side Plait

Does what it says on the tin, by far my favourite! Most definitely on bad hair days, so quick and easy.

The French Plait

Despite the fact i look like a chavvy Cheryl Cole in her younger years, this does wonders for my cheek bones! Alas i have thin hair as it is, so the plait does take up most of my hair - boo!

The Halo

Take a pinch of hair, half way down the head on one side.
Plait into a small braid.
Bring it across the head to create a 'halo' and safely secure with a bobby pin.

My hair is best to style with when not straightened, otherwise it completely falls out! If hair is not willing to stay in a bobby pin, slightly back comb the hair to give more grip. The plaits styles i created are certainly making their way into my daily routine. Perfect for a quick easy hair style, when the prospect of straightening hair in this heat is pretty much unbearable. I would also wear these on holiday (if i was going - further boo!) as they are so easy to achieve and dress up a beach/bed crazed hair style.

I hope this gave some ideas.. or a good opportunity to laugh at some awkwardly taken Mac Booth photos!

sometimes you gotta fight dirty.

Sales, you either love them or hate the, I'm that girl who will push/shove/probably kick you to get the last size 10. I actually look forward to sales - let's be honest here. I'm all for buying the latest trends, but i'm a sucker for a bargain. Whether a £200 slashed handbag or a £12 top from Topshop, i'm there. In sales, i tend to purchase items that are classic and i wear time and time again, or the complete opposite, something i wouldn't normally wear - but i am happily willing to give it a go at a cheaper price - which has resulted in some pretty amazing discoveries in the past.

I mainly stake myself out for the Net-A-Porter, Topshop and Urban Outfitter's sale, just because the reductions are too good to pass. As there's never a Saturday lunch break i don't ponder about in my local Topshop, i'm pretty clued in to what may be making it's way into the sale - sad? but atleast i get some damn good bargains! However this summer it's been a bit 'meh,' considering the sales started precisely the week the week before i got paid (the bastards) i have been pretty tame, well as tame as i see fit.

I had my little eye on this tee-shirt months back from Urban Outfitters, but for a girl who doesn't wear tee-shirts ever, £55 is a bit of a stretch. It reads 'Fan Club Anna Wintour,' Anna being the editor of American Vogue. It's so, i don't know, so wrong but so right? Remind me never to wear this teeshift ever again if i land an interning stint at British Vogue. But my delight when i saw it was in the online sale for £24.99 - i snapped up this tee faster than you can say the september issue!

Naco Paris Tee-shirt at Urban Outfitters - (reduced from £55.00 to £24.99)
'Vintage' (last season) Topshop denim shorts.

..and just because my mac book likes to trick your eyes and turn everything crazy backward!

My next rummage took place in Topshop, on the morn' of their sale. My dad was waiting inline at 7am! for his new iphone 4 (undecided whether i should upgrade?) i decided to stumble across this lovely lot.

Cotton frill top - Topshop (reduced to £15.00)

Will go with everything in my wardrobe, light, frilly, summer.

Waterfall Cream Cardigan - (Reduced to £15.00)

I would have never of purchased this, not because i dislike it, but because it didn't strike me. After trying it on, surrounded by a sea of Topshop clothes, i decided that it would actually suit many outfits in my wardrobe: basically an all round winner.

Navy Body Con Skirt - Topshop (£12.00)

It may look boring but this looks killer with a tan.

I am never the less hitting the shops on Friday (payday) as i'm interning at Loaded the week after next, and with Stylist just around the corner, my brain is programmed to 'intern only clothes'. Its hard, i need to channel stylish, on trend, with the right balance between smart and casual. Watch this space.

Did you ponder over any sales? Are you as determined as me or meh, cannot be bothered?

just a bit fabulous.

we heart Olivia Palermo.

i love stripes. i love blazers. more importantly we love her hair, new season Mulberry and her nom boyfriend Johannas Huebl.

just a little note..

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my little rambles.
It mean's quite alot to me - there's nothing i like better to do than sit down and have a good natter :)

Sarah x

photo taken from - we heart it

The London Mix

For my final year project, in small teams we had to create a sample magazine. Thus creating The London Mix - heres a little marketing blurb for you:

The London Mix offers a completely new edge to the publishing world, by using the newly successful free-sheet formula and with a new twist in its format, one side of the magazine literally for men and the other half literally for women. The London Mix is a fresh, innovative guide with high quality features and articles, for the London reader. The editorial team will present the latest news, up to date entertainment, top travel destinations around the world, the most stylish fashion and grooming pages, and the uttermost lowdown on London town. Distributed every Tuesday, The London Mix will be handed out free at over 50 places in central London, city airports and retail store Office, with around a quarter of million copies given away each week.

Working in a team of four, we each split roles accordingly. Myself and my friend Lois were joint editors, i took on the role of writing all mens editorial content whilst Lois wrote the female's side. Then my other friends Jen and Abby, took on the role of designing and production the magazine.

Have a nose!

Just a little note: The women's pages are suppose
to be upside down - that's part of it's genius design! The magazine isn't suppose to be glossy or premium. it's a free magazine
on newspaper material - like Shortlist and Stylist stuck together.

Im not going to lie - the reason behind the whole for both women and men design was because i do like to have a good nose of
men's magazines every-once in while - very crude and funny!

the room was on fire, but she was fixing her hair

As well as my love of magazines, I love to read books. In the summer, my local library becomes my second home. I read thriller novels like there is no tomorrow, there's nothing i enjoy more than sitting in the sunshine in my garden reading a good book. Recently i have been pondering over some coffee table books that i plan to buy with my summer pay check.

Portraits - Mario Testino

Whomever Mario Testino photographs, however he photographs them, whatever part of them he photographs, they embody the spirit of their moment. His sense of fashion, which has made him the most sought-after contemporary photographer, has transformed many of his portraits into icons. Sexy, famous, beautiful...a Testino portrait is unmistakable.

This book is a marvel to me, i've constantly leafed through the copy in my local bookshop. At the £80 mark, its a rather expensive, but the large a3 size full of some of the most iconic faces in fashion and style icons, is enough to lure me into buying. After meeting Mario myself, he's such a charmer - i have nothing but pure admiration for this man. I have since decided that when i do finally fly the nest, i will purchase this book and frame several of the portraits.

Vogue Covers - Robbin Derrik & Robin Muir

Does what it says on the tin. Vogue is the fashion bible, and this is it's hymn book.

The Sartorialist - Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman worked in the fashion industry for 15 years, shortly after closing his showroom, he took to the streets with his sharp sense of style and a camera. After snapping up hundreds of nobodies on the streets of New York, he created his online blog, The Sartorialist, for the world to see. A few years later, his online venture took off and he regularly contributes to US men's mag GQ and This book displays the art of his passion, finding the fashion and style of the real people out there- who model the trends in their own way.

Vivienne Westwood - Claire Wilcox (for the V&A)

Vivienne Westwood is a legend. Simple as that, she skyrocketed the punk fashion era in her own shop Let It Rock, dressed Hollywood leading ladies and demonstrated strong beliefs through fashion about climate change. Vivienne Westwood, and her orange mane, is one crazy lady but she's damn well fierce and a leading lady in the history of fashion. The more i learn about her, the more i admire her - i would love to meet her one day and have a right old natter.

Makeup Manual - Bobbi Brown

This is the book that makeup fans have been waiting for - Bobbi Brown's twenty-five-plus years of makeup styling experience distilled into one complete, gorgeous book. Bobbi looks at everything from skincare basics to every aspect of facial makeup - from how to find the right colour and type of foundation for any skin tone to how to apply every detail of eye makeup (brows, eyeliner, eye shadow and eyelashes) no matter the eye colour and shape.

I've certainly been pondering over this book for quite a long time, i already purchased this book for a friend's birthday and it looked pretty impressive. I'm not going to lie, although i have a slight obsession with the beauty industry, there are some make up brushes or products that completely baffle me - this is one book i need to get my hands on this summer.

Skin Secrets - Liz Earle

Long before Liz Earl's PR team were shooting out free samples to every blogger going, i have been aware of the amazing brand that Liz set up. Unlike Bobbie Brown's book, this book sheds light on the science of beauty - how to maintain your skin through a good skin care routine and healthy diet. My Grandmother swore on Liz Earl products at one point, and i am firm believer in a well thought out skin care routine - so frankly this is another little beauty bible i cannot wait to get my mitts on.

Lastly, these three novels are a series of books written by Swedish author Stieg Larsson. I picked up these books last year before my holiday to Egypt - i was hooked and read all three religiously in the first week! I recently started re-reading the first in the series and yet again i am instantly hooked.

The three books are part of the Millennium Trilogy, they are all primarily focused around two key characters: journalist Mikeal Blomkvist and internet hacker Lisbeth Salander. I cannot actually write my own blurb without posting spoilers! So courtesy of Waterstones ;)..

Forty years ago, Harriet Vanger disappeared from a family gathering on the island owned and inhabited by the powerful Vanger clan. Her body was never found, yet her uncle is convinced it was murder - and that the killer is a member of his own tightly knit but dysfunctional family. He employs disgraced financial journalist Mikael Blomkvist and the tattooed, truculent computer hacker Lisbeth Salander to investigate. When the pair link Harriet's disappearance to a number of grotesque murders from forty years ago, they begin to unravel a dark and appalling family history. But the Vangers are a secretive clan, and Blomkvist and Salander are about to find out just how far they are prepared to go to protect themselves.

I really, really recommend you read these, yes a tad gory (hah) but an amazing read! What's even more crazy - and sad - is that Steig Larrson, the author, passed away before his books were published. If he were still here today, he would see his novels become the the best selling novel in Sweden as well as charting as a best seller in many European countries.
So there's my ramble! - if you going on holiday (jealous) do check this out as a holiday read.

Have you read any of these titles? Any recommendations?

'They were supposed to say I'm sorry, I love you' not 'You're dead, let's disco!'

I love adore Topshop, Rihanna not so much.
Shoot me, i'm just not a fan.

But these shorts on the other hand..

Slightly different size spots, but clearly the same shorts? All the same, these are just too cute. These might be making their way through the post to me pretty soon.

Project: 1

Some women have a penchant for buying endless pairs of shoes, other women's vice may be the latest 'it' bag, or even building up a large collection of eye shadows or every single colour nail varnishes - we all do it. Mine is beauty products, to date i have four and a half body butters, five hair masks, four packs of face wipes and weirdly, five cans of hair spray - which i don't even use. Beauty products are my vice. I cannot remember the last time i fully finished a product, without skipping to the newer, more exciting products. Since discovering my stash this afternoon, i have decided that i shalt not buy another product (hair, body, skin) until i have throughly made use of what i already have. Watch this space.

This is a snippet (yes, a snippet), of just what i own.

A few Lush bits i really need to use up, before they go out of date!

This is one of my new recent purchases. This clear plastic storage system was bought from Muji, it can be bought in-store (i bought mine from Oxford St.) or online. I have organised all my cosmetics completely, so i can see them - meaning i will actually use them! As it's made out of plastic it can easily be cleaned, unlike my fabric make up bags, that have just got grubby.

I bought two sets, which came with two draws. They easily slot on top of each other, and as my collection 'expands' (eek!) i can just add more sets on top. (click for larger photos)

My face draw - containing my every day products.

My blush/ bronzer products - not many! i love the colours i already have.

My eye products - mainly mascaras and eye liners.
My lips/odds and sods draw.

Can i really prevent myself from buying any more beauty products? There are a few Boot's Sanctuary item's i have my eye on..