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Some women have a penchant for buying endless pairs of shoes, other women's vice may be the latest 'it' bag, or even building up a large collection of eye shadows or every single colour nail varnishes - we all do it. Mine is beauty products, to date i have four and a half body butters, five hair masks, four packs of face wipes and weirdly, five cans of hair spray - which i don't even use. Beauty products are my vice. I cannot remember the last time i fully finished a product, without skipping to the newer, more exciting products. Since discovering my stash this afternoon, i have decided that i shalt not buy another product (hair, body, skin) until i have throughly made use of what i already have. Watch this space.

This is a snippet (yes, a snippet), of just what i own.

A few Lush bits i really need to use up, before they go out of date!

This is one of my new recent purchases. This clear plastic storage system was bought from Muji, it can be bought in-store (i bought mine from Oxford St.) or online. I have organised all my cosmetics completely, so i can see them - meaning i will actually use them! As it's made out of plastic it can easily be cleaned, unlike my fabric make up bags, that have just got grubby.

I bought two sets, which came with two draws. They easily slot on top of each other, and as my collection 'expands' (eek!) i can just add more sets on top. (click for larger photos)

My face draw - containing my every day products.

My blush/ bronzer products - not many! i love the colours i already have.

My eye products - mainly mascaras and eye liners.
My lips/odds and sods draw.

Can i really prevent myself from buying any more beauty products? There are a few Boot's Sanctuary item's i have my eye on..

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