The London Mix

For my final year project, in small teams we had to create a sample magazine. Thus creating The London Mix - heres a little marketing blurb for you:

The London Mix offers a completely new edge to the publishing world, by using the newly successful free-sheet formula and with a new twist in its format, one side of the magazine literally for men and the other half literally for women. The London Mix is a fresh, innovative guide with high quality features and articles, for the London reader. The editorial team will present the latest news, up to date entertainment, top travel destinations around the world, the most stylish fashion and grooming pages, and the uttermost lowdown on London town. Distributed every Tuesday, The London Mix will be handed out free at over 50 places in central London, city airports and retail store Office, with around a quarter of million copies given away each week.

Working in a team of four, we each split roles accordingly. Myself and my friend Lois were joint editors, i took on the role of writing all mens editorial content whilst Lois wrote the female's side. Then my other friends Jen and Abby, took on the role of designing and production the magazine.

Have a nose!

Just a little note: The women's pages are suppose
to be upside down - that's part of it's genius design! The magazine isn't suppose to be glossy or premium. it's a free magazine
on newspaper material - like Shortlist and Stylist stuck together.

Im not going to lie - the reason behind the whole for both women and men design was because i do like to have a good nose of
men's magazines every-once in while - very crude and funny!

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