If you remember so, a month back i attended Graduate Fashion Week. This was because i was lucky enough to be asked by Emma of The Dressing Up Box to write an article for a magazine called Fashionista, that would be given out at the Educational day (and in everyones goodie bags who attended the Gala evening ee!).This was my first piece of writing published in a publication, so it was pretty freeking exciting to be honest. I'ts now been uploaded online so i can share, if you fancy a read.

My article is all about the world of blogging, and not only how you can make firm friends, have a good natter but also enhance your C.V! (page 24/25)

(click to read full screen)
You will also notice there are other contributers from the blogging world, these lovley ladies:

Also, take a peak at the Fashionista website for more of a ganders of Emma's hard work!

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