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Just as it starts to shine, the high-street show off their Autumn/Winter 2010 collections. As much as i love the summer (nothing beats a good book, a glass of ice tea in the sunshine) i much, much prefer dressing for winter. But being honest, i do have a slightly weird obsession for woolly tights and an expensive addiction for stocking up on Zara's tailored coats, and i quite frankly can't wait to get my hand's on these next collections.

Here are my top picks from each collection - you can view the full display of items on InStyle or Marie Claire online.


Firstly, these Topshop promotional photos are literally making my eyes hurt. Shoving so many different pieces together, i cannot appreciate the jumbled mess. There were many items in the collection, i just couldn't get my head around - too doom 'n gloom.

However, i'm practically willing to sell my younger brother to the highest bidder in order to get hold of one of those camel capes - talk about killing two trends with one coat! I'm also lusting majorly over the printed skirt, the chiffon tulip skirt was seen over all A/W fashion week, and this print is unique and a good palette of muted shades.

My feet are also itching for some of those knitted knee length socks - they just look so chunky and so warm - wardrobe staple.

New Look

Unlike the Topshop A/W, New Look is full of bright, light sequined, chiffon pieces. I'm guessing those dresses will be released around the festive period (seems so silly talking about 4/5 months away - but thats fashion), and i was quite taken aback at how unlike the normal New Look we see. Which is normally nice onscreen - but tatty in real life. Yet these dresses are from the Limited Edition line, meaning good quality but for the higher prices, but the cute nude sequined number would have me at any price.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge baffles me, insted of catering for one style egg, they throw all their style eggs into one basket, give it a good shake and you get left with a splatter of the plain dull or the over top extreme. Somewhere in the middle, these items fit in. I adore the cream dress, i need the fur scarf (totally pissed at myself for not buying one last year) and the military coat with fur details is just somewhat intriguing (in a good way!)

Roll on A/W! but i would like the sunshine to stay for just a little bit longer!
summer or winter clothes?
also looking forward to Zara/River Island/M&S collections.

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