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Thought of the day:

Wearing Glasses.

Last week as per usual i pick up my copy of Look magazine to read on my lunch break, casually flicking through there was a double page spread written by the editor Ali Hall on the subject of laser eye surgery. It was an interesting read about her before/after transformation with laser eye surgery, after reading on i came across the phrase which went along the lines of '..and who wants to spoil their bikini look wearing specs? It's not very Kelly Brook.' This article caused quite a stir on my Twitter feed and i think that phrase is a tad bizzarre. Normally, i couldn't give a toss about some one's opinion on body-weight/ skin/ hair styles, but i think this was pretty careless throw-away comment without any intention to offend, but it got me thinking.

I'm blind as a bat, yet i never wear my glasses. Not because i don't like them, i just haven't got used to them or needed to rely on them fully yet, but on the other hand i still wouldn't want to wear them constantly. Like Ali Hall, i am interested in laser eye surgery. My mum had the underwent the process and hasn't looked back (baha bad pun), practically transforming her life. I personally think that it's amazing, sure i think it's a bit creepy and gross, but for 10 minutes of weirdness - it is worth the perfect vision. As soon as my eye sight levels to a certain point, i will definitely seek this treatment out, regardless of the cost.

But for the mean time, i should definitely embrace wearing my glasses more, even if i look like an eight-eyed freak watched 3D films, i personally couldn't give a toss about swaning about on a beach like Kelly Brook!

What are your thoughts on glasses or Laser eye surgery? worth the hype or far too weird?

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