Kate Moss and Topshop break up.

Okay, so not quite as dramatic. But it has been announced today that Moss is ending her 'design partnership' with Topshop. Why, may you ask? Well after three years, the supermodel has decided she has other commitments and it is reported that she has at least made £3m from the ranges. Many questions spring to mind, did she even really put that much work and effort in to her collections? I mean most of the time she ripped designs from her own pieces - which were already high-end designer creations. Is it really that hard to whip out another collection when you can easily make another million? I don't know, maybe Kate has something more exciting in the pipeline, and not another perfume we hope. On the other hand, Mr Phillip Green (my all time hero) does he have a black up plan? There are thousands of head hungry fans, both celeb and designers that would probably kill for shot at designing for Topshop, we've already had Mr Kane and Mark Fast, but they were shadowed under the lime light of Kate. It begs the question of what will Topshop whip out of the bag next? With a successful make-up range already accomplished this year, who will they next get on board to front the TS brand? Alexa, Daisy? Nah, we need something fresh.

What are your thoughts on this? I personally don't really care that much for Kate's style so i'm a tad biased, so i'm not that fussed to see her over-priced, non-selling clothes. Maybe it was good for her to get out early, before it just got too same-y? But something must be brewing at the Topshop towers, one question, who next?

Kates A/W collection will stilll feature in October, but that will be her last collection, lets hope she's worked bloody hard, and it looks amazing..

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