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This month was one long budgeting process, considering the previous month i was interning at Stylist and earning no dollar. However, the money faeries (student loan to you and i descends upon one's self next Friday, and there will be no holding me back. 

I have adored these shift dresses from afar for too long - i mean who doesn't love a shift dress? Topshop came out with these a few months back and to be honest i thought they were a little 'meh' - boring. Until that is until i read Laura's blog and saw her wearing one, that moment i knew i had to buy one, they are such perfect day dresses. With a sharp blazer, thick tights and chunky knitted scarf or a great tan and sandals for the summer - perfect. Although some times i think i dress too smart? I never really dress down, but is that a bad thing? I don't know and don't care, i love classic styles.


Laura really brings this dress to life, something i would have just left looking a tad bland on the hanger she makes look damn right good, with the waist belt in tow. 

The Tuck Shift dress is from Topshop, it retails at £45.00 and comes in mink, navy and sea green. An all  round waldrobe staple, i'm tempted to buy all three! The navy: so classic, the sea green: a colour i don't usually wear and the mink: a lovely pastel nude. What do you think?

And if you haven't already, you must check out Laura's blog Wearing It Today, she has the most amazing style, pairing the most gorgeous high-end pieces with a good high-street find in-between. Did i mention she was fashion editor for Red magazine? Get your skates on over there.

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