The Lust List -25th September 2010

this lust list is rather short - what can i say? i'm not greedy.
yes please.

Mui Mui Suede Strappy Platform Sandals - (£370.00)

these are too beautiful.

Christian Louboutin Spiked Ballerina Flats - (£625.00)

my chosen weapon of choice, how fierce! 

Hermés Enamel Bracelet - (£380.00)

lust, lust, lust.
i'd sell my brother for this (again.)

this bag is currently what i'm saving my pennies for, oh yes. 
as much as i love the studs i don't think i'm that much of a dedicated saver,
 plus my father might just have a heart attack at the price. 
lets wait till the christmas sales, yeah?

Mui Mui Studded Leather Bag - (£1,200.00)

(yeah, and i just said the 'c' word, gotta plan early.)

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