Thought of the Day.

You're either gonna hate me, or totally understand what i mean with my following thought of the day. 
It's like Marmite, you either totally understand the fascination, grasp this latest trend; or like me, you step back and think, how freaking ugly. As was with my utter discomfort of wet-look leggings, my latest dislike is two particular jewellery brands. Both Links of London and Pandora bracelets somewhat horrify me, in terms that I think they are over-priced mess of uglyness and that people flock towards them. They aren't classic, delicate or even making a statement. I genuinely think they are just fug. 

The Pandora bracelets are the ugly-step-sister of the charm bracelet, even a little creepy looking. And the fact that you can only really afford a few proper charms to fill it, leaves it rather sad looking.

The Links of London friend-ship bracelets look slightly weird too, i mean - i'm not going to lie, they look like a souvenir from a holiday flea market, not a high-end jewelers? I just find them ODD.

What can i say? They just baffle me - i just don't get the hype. After asking on Twitter whether i was the only one who thought this, the general consensus was, that other people thought the same too. These are my personal thoughts and taste, but i apologise sincerely, if you do own one of these bracelets, however don't get your kickers in a twist ;)

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