To the FREAK sales assistant at Lancome

I had the pleasure of the worst customer service today at the Lancome stand in the Crawley branch of Boots, in fact i think she had serious mental problems - this is my letter of complaint..

What would smiley-smiley Julia Roberts have to say about that?

"...The experience can only be described as some-what disgusting, the way in which myself and other customers were dealt with was appalling, and I felt the need to bring this to your attention.

When I arrived at the Lancome stand within the Crawley branch of Boots, I was met with a stressed middle-aged sales assistant who at first ignored my presence, and then asked me rather curtly whether I needed any help. I explained to her that I had a voucher and that I was on the look out for a new foundation, to which she replied ‘I’m not just giving out free samples you know? I actually have to colour match you and take off your old make –up.’ Although, I was taken aback by her angry tone and attitude I stated that this wasn’t a problem. To which she then screetched across to other Boot’s employees, who were then half way across the shop, that she was ‘sick of it’ and how she would not be in tomorrow. From this first impression of the sales assistant and the Lancome brand, I was horrified at her sheer rudeness and ‘can’t be bothered’ attitudes she had towards me and selling actual products.

Whilst taking off my make up, she then went on to interrogate me on to whether I wanted the sample, considering that the voucher clearly stated that I would be given a complimentary sample, she announced that ‘I actually want to know whether you want the make up done, that your actually interested In the foundation and not just looking for a freebie?’ As if this wasn’t bad enough, she then went on to slag off the Lancome brand stating that ‘they want you to buy it, not just swan off with it, so they send me hardly (samples) and your such a pale colour they wouldn’t suit you anyway.’ At this point, it was beyond a joke, she then went on to colour match my face selecting shades that were clearly too dark for my skin tone (and I’n no expert and yet I could clearly tell.) At this point I had decided regardless of her service so far I was not interested in buying any product, due to the fact that I did not trust her expertise or her judgment, considering she was so foul-tempered and angry.

The sales assistant then went on to apply the foundation, during this time I felt the need to apologise to causing her trouble and whether she could tell me anything about the product, considering that she hadn’t asked me any questions on my preference of coverage, skin type ect let alone any benefits of the foundation. She went on to tell me yet again about that there were no samples, constantly complaining about the barrage of other customers and the Lancome brand. Unsure of what to actually say at this point, I sympathised with her.

This is when my entire shopping experience was laughable – the sales assistant went into a full rampage about her boss and hours she was owed, about how she didn’t want to work the company and how she would get signed off to the doctor. In fact she was rambling so much in an angry state, she was complaining about other members of staff of which of course I had no idea about, I couldn’t even hear what she was babbling on about!

In all, this is the most disgusting customer service I have ever received, it was beyond a joke. Her behaviour and attitude towards others and myself was beyond belief. I myself work in retail and I can understand fully that some days are battle, but when your serving a customer you leave your personal life at home and act in a professional manner, this was clearly not the case. She could not seem to have a care in the world, and I honestly couldn’t careless about her own personal/work life problems, I simply wanted to be colour-matched for a foundation.
In this instance, I have to say that I will no longer bother shopping with Lancome when I know that there are other more professional, helpful sales assistants out there that aren’t going to accuse me of wanting freebies or loading off their personal life!.."

Have you ever had such appalling service?
FYI the way she applied the foundation has put me right off buying it!

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