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Long time, no see? October has been such a busy month already, i started uni, aged a year, went to Paris and went back to Stylist. And along the way i bought a few bits and i thought i would share. I won't go into the birthday shenanigans just yet, as i'm still recovering from a night of 80's dancing with my best friends, i'll save that (embarrassment) for another ramble!

As i mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Topshop held a student night in some of their larger stores to which my friend Sarah and i attended the Oxford St branch. We also did a bit of shopping here and there and everywhere too, naturally. One of the first stops was Selfridges where they are currently holding The Shoe Galleries, which was fabulous! They have completely transformed their shoe department into an actual gallery which some of the most fiercest shoes on display to completely lust over. Decked out with large human-sized shoes, with the shoe shop designed like no other, you are also invited to try out their very own photo booth, simply selecting a pair of shoes to go pose with and tell your very own shoe story. Wait out side and bam, your polaroid is there to collect! I really recommend going, just for the giggles, lusting and free photo of course!

the lovely Sarah - double trouble 

After trying on a few sneaky pairs of Chanel pumps, we then head over to the more, lets say the more affordable shoes, where i came across these... the brogue. Which i find rather manly, because you know, they are actually designed for men, but for me? It took some strong persuading from Sarah, but i'm so glad. I think they are the comfiest shoes i have ever purchased, and perfect for the winter, a real twist on flats.

River Island Brogues - (£26.99)

We then popped over to H&M, where i had previously spotted this dress online and knew i had to buy. It's very sheer, floral and pretty, perfect with layers, with an added edge of a cuff detail.

If you own an iPhone, be sure to download the H&M app, if you shake it, a 20% voucher will appear to be used in store. Then if you sneaky, like me, delete the app, then re-download and wham! another voucher.

Finally we popped over to Topshop, which was PACKED. Words cannot describe the mad-panic of girls squabbling and rushing around for their size. Being the somewhat freakily obsessed TS fans that we are, we had already sussed out what we were looking to buy, and er thats when things got a little bit expensive.

Let me introduce you to my all-time favourite piece of clothing this winter.

This coat is freeking amazing, it flares, it has fur, its navy, its mine! At the awful price of £95.00. Thank the lord for 20% off (and student loan). The fit is so perfect and very well tailored for a high street coat. I love it.

Then after rummaging around the dresses, i finally came across my dusty pink shift dress. I adore the colour and fit, and i'm so glad i managed to get my hands of it!

After giving my debit card a good burn, we then went to have a play with the new A/W make up, well it would be rude not too.

Sarah modeling the lipstain that i attacked her with, tres fierce. 

One last thing, i just had to show you this fur collar/scarf thing i bought from H&M. Worn with my Topshop trench, it really transforms my trench into a whole other coat, as well as making me feel like Doris Day in a Touch of Mink, ooh the glamour.

Fur Collar - H&M - (£9.99) STEAL

Posts to follow: Paris adventures, Birthday Celebrations, Moar Make-Up.

Just a quick note to say: Paris was lovely, we diddn't get blown up, Sephora was raided, and it diddn't break up our 7 year relationship, he just takes longer than me to get ready and apparently i always need to pee. Insightful ;). && thank you for the birthday wishes.

What have i missed? you!

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