Ins and Outs - 3rd October


This time next week i shall be twenty one years of age, and not forgetting in Paris! 
Despite the fact i'm super excited, i still have so much to do, sorting out maps, metro lines and packing - oh and making sure that the boy actually has a suitcase! 

My lovely friends Sarah and Liz also took me to the theatre for my birthday surprise on Wednesday night to see Clybourne Park, which starred Martin Freeman (my all time geek crush), it was such a great play and a such an amazing present idea. And i'm off to spend a good four hours aimlessly wandering around Blue Water tomorrow in a bid to find a birthday present from the boy.

Stylist Magazine

I'm back! The Features Editor Alix asked if i (specifically) could come back in this week so i could help plan for the new year! I certainly feel very glad to be asked back, not only did i have a whirl - but what a compliment! I'll be in the office in Tuesday and Wednesday, compiling lists and planners of events, new releases of books, films, music and conversing with PRs to see what's happening. Basically i get to put my organisational skills in to overdrive, and give them a massive hand in future planning.

Being a Student

As my last year as a student, i fully intend to burn my NUS card to the ground. Heaven knows how i will cope without that added little luxury of 10% off in Topshop. If you have recently graduated or are not a student - i advise you to skip the following paragraph. 

River Island and Toppers are hosting some fabulous Student Nights, with 20% off in-store, which is pretty useful if you have your eye on a great pair of winter boots or coat. I will definitely be stopping by the Oxford Street branches to have a nose! (a rummage). 

Also, ASOS who left the student discount bandwagon last year and jumped back on. They are currently offering 20% off for the time being, yet they will still offer 10% off year round. Perfect with their Super Saver Delivery.

Winning Competition

My brother is so lucky, every competition going he seems to win, or just finding that odd ten pound note flying around on the pavement. Unfortunately, i can't say that family gene has ever passed over to me. But Saturday night i was casually reading my FB news feed, and i was delighted to see that i had won a fifty pounds voucher for Accessories Online! 

I had been aware of this website for quite a long time, often having a good look at the Dogeared necklaces, toying on purchasing. I also became a fan of their FB page a while back, and incidentally i was picked at random in this prize draw!

I'm also delighted to see that they also stock Alex Monroe, so i definitely think one of his adorable necklaces will be on their way to me! 

If you want to have a ganders, see here at Accessories Online and their FB page here.

The recent terror alert system is freaking me out ever so slightly, considering i am going to Paris. But as long as i wear my glasses and make copious notes whilst watching this week's Spooks, i hope everything goes smoothly.

So there's enough chatter, i have some posts in the pipeline about new purchases, 
and here's the question of today, have you ever won anything exciting?
Do tell & any recommendations for Paris are much welcomed. 

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