Sweet Paris

A few weekends back i went on a mini-break to Paris with my boy to celebrate my birthday, we were highly excited to go, it was a relaxing break too so we just decided on a whim what we wanted to do each day. We had ideas of where we wanted to go, but we weren't going to try and pack in all the sites into four days, rather just use it as an excuse to go back ;)

We took the Eurostar from St. Pancreas to Gare du Nord, in central Paris early Saturday morning. We stayed within the business district of La Defense, which i cannot recommend enough. We weren't particularly bothered about staying in the heart of the city, as out hotel was only fifteen minutes away by Metro from the Champs Elysees was the perfect choice. La Defence is mainly built up of large sky scraper offices and hotels along one main strip and square, it was dotted with fountains, small parks to sit and enjoy the views of the Arc De Truiph. The hotel we stayed at Sofitel La Defense  which was a real treat to stay in, we managed to secure an amazing deal saving a triple of the price of the rates advertised (400€ per person per night!), it had a crazy size bed and bathroom, which had surround sound everywhere, and not forgetting endless Hermes toiletries! The weather couldn't have been better, pure sunshine and warm weather, luck!

Here are a few snapshots..

of course i couldn't come to Paris and not buy a copy, this deserves it's own post entirely.

view of the Eiffel Tower from our hotel at night - so pretty.

planning the next days adventures in the disgustingly comfy bed.

on my birthday, we visited the Luxembourg Gardens, i cannot word how beautiful this park is. 
the weather was so lovely, and as we went on the weekend, hundreds of french families, couples and old people were relaxing in the sun. It was the most perfect Autumn day, with leaves just fallen and people everywhere doing activities, reading and soaking up the sun. I could have spent all day there, happily reading a book.

the Lourve was another place we really enjoyed, we spent most of the day looking at paintings, as the museum is so big, it would be impossible to cover the entire place - i can't wait to go back and visit. 

my birthday meal consisted of:
Hargen Diaz banana and toffee waffles, with whipped cream and a hot toffee sauce in an wafer basket, yum!

We also visited the Eiffel Tower but the added security of police and army was a pretty tense place to be, and although it sounds daft, it could really do with a polish! ;)

I really enjoyed Paris, we are definitely making plans to re-visit! These are only a faction of the photos i took, my lovely friend Sarah bought me as part of my birthday present, two disposable cameras, so i really focused on using those up to fill up the lovely photo album she gave me too!

Have you been to Paris?

(and of course i visited Sephora!)

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