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Each year, at Christmas my mother buys me a chocolate advent calendar. Don't get wrong, i'm all for tradition,  but i'm not all that fussed about chocolate really- yes, i really did just say that.  And after reading this post a few months back on British Beauty Blogger's blog i knew i couldn't just settle for the run of mill Cadbury's calendar..

The L'Oreal Advent Calendar has just landed at Selfridges, retailing at £60 a pop, this little piece of Christmas came early, counting down the days with a beauty treat. Say what? Each little window houses a miniature skincare, perfume or make-up item to trial and test, from brands such as YSL, Lancome, Armani, Shu Uemura. 

For a full list of products included visit the lovely Charlotte's blog Lipglossiping.

What a fabulous idea? £60 is a bit of a stretch, but in terms of the amount of products and quality - is it not worth it? I'm seriously toying with the idea, and i don't even think i'm falling for the gimmick side of it, package it as an Easter Egg gift, i would probably still be interested! No, but seriously if they were marketing it as a 'testing the best of..' i would be still be inclined to buy. 

Would you?

(also, if you haven't already check out British Beauty Blogger and Lipglossiping, because they are simply two of he best beauty blogs in town.)

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