Photo of the day

I was flicking through my photos on my mac book, when i came across this photo. You may or may not know who this wonderful lady is, but she really has dramatically revamped such a british iconic label, so much so that there is a 6 week waiting list in London for one of her bag's. See the size of my grin?

I was lucky enough to meet Emma Hill, creative director at Mulberry whilst i was at GFW. She couldn't have been more down to earth and friendly, and with creations such as the Alexa and the Daira under her belt, i couldn't be anymore in awe. If Mulberry hadn't had of hired Miss Hill, would it be the brand it is today? I don't think so. 

Have you ever met anyone who has inspired you? 
I have a tendency to celeb spot everywhere, infact it's rather borderline stalkerish! 

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